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A welcome note, a recap... and a ticket to Cannes!

Fellow travelers, jinetes and free spirits! Welcome!

2015 is proving to be an exciting year for El Jinete Films. Considering 2013 and 2014 were pretty great as well, it's safe to say that things are slowly yet surely heading in a good direction...

To sum up just a little: last October marked the end of the festival circuit for The Last Kamikazis of Heavy Metal; we screened at the New Orleans Film Festival (our second big "home town" screening after the one in Chicago) and at a few very good festivals in Bogota, Colombia: a very promising and up-and-coming music and film festival (Alta Fidelidad), and the other a very well established documentary festival. All in all the festival circuit ended on a very high note.

In December we decided to launch Kamikazis for sale through Vimeo on Demand. We strongly believe in and support the ways in which digital distribution (and self, independent distribution) is helping mold the film scene to accommodate newcomers and aspiring filmmakers. Vimeo has long been a supporter of the indie and hardworking filmmaker, spotlighting weekly videos, offering services that let even a beginner exhibit his/her work in exceptional quality, and recently, by launching their own VOD platform. It is for this reason that we chose to go through Vimeo.

With Biliana in New Orleans and yours truly (little Jinete, Marina) in Montreal AND in Paris (masters degree...), El Jinete Films might seem a little fragmented. However, it is for the year's most important films events that we reunite. We reunited at this year's 2015 Sundance Film Festival (we have been going for 4 consecutive years now as volunteers) where we saw, yet again, an incredible line up of films. A noteworthy music documentary was of course Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck. When it is released GO SEE IT. It will change you.

Our second reunion this year will be, maybe you might have guessed by the title of this post, at the Cannes Film Festival! Unbelievable, yes. We are not going to represent a film, obviously, not yet... (we are not my montrealais home boy Xavier Dolan!!) - we are heading simply as industry professionals, to check out the films and experience the festival to which all others aspire.

In other words, we will watch some good films, mingle and meet and do some shameless self promoting, and also give you all the scoop! So stay tuned!

With that said, take a look around the site, explore, drop us a line if you want to get in touch.

Until next time! And keep on riding!


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