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Back from Cannes!

Hello lovely Jinetes!

We have successfully completed our first Cannes Film Festival and in order to paint a good picture for you all, we decided to put together this little video! What better way to entice everyone to join us on the Riviera?

It was quite the epic adventure we must admit, with a lot of spontaneous yacht hopping and photoshoots, but we also engaged in A LOT of film-watching. To remind everyone, film festivals require a lot of time spent in lines -- waiting for hours, and hopefully not getting turned away. But that is inevitable at festivals. You pick your films for the day, you try them, and then if you are unsuccessful, you run to a nearby theatre and hope to catch another -- or you head to the bars and parties ;) That is the general idea of the day in the life of El Jinete as a festival-goer. Unless you aim straight for the happy hours ;) That happens too, sometimes. The best connections are made drinking and mingling.

And we made a lot of good connections -- and met some INCREDIBLE filmmakers, now great friends.

We will in the upcoming weeks make a list of the official films we were able to see, and our overall thoughts on those, but before anything, this post is dedicated to the great great friends we made during the trip, and our collective efforts in becoming bigger and better filmmakers.

We can't thank the people we met enough for contributing to our enthusiasm to continue this journey that is the endless ride of the Jinete across the world.

Until very soon,


El Jinete