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Introducing Leather & Feathers: wedding and lifestyle pieces by El Jinete Films

Dear fellow Jinetes,

It's been a while! Last time we got the chance to catch up we were fresh off a yacht from the Cannes Film Festival. That was nearly one year ago and the Jinetes have been keeping busy! From music videos that have been featured in top online music mags, to promotional clips in New Orleans, to visiting and learning at international film festivals such as Venice, Cairo, and Oaxaca... All we can say is - what a ride!

El Jinete has also been busy with... weddings! We've attended them and we've filmed them. What a concept, weddings - that initial celebration to a long life of happiness and future adventures. They are a chance to celebrate with friends and family the union of two people, and also - LOVE! Love should be celebrated every single day, but when that love grows into a bond that is ready to be forever cherish and respected, a wedding is in store - and that is where we come in!

El Jinete Films is thus proudly launching Leather & Feathers: wedding and lifestyle pieces that will be memorably yours, forever. We want you to think of us when planning your special day. We revel in providing you with beautiful and gracefully made videos and films. We join you on the day of the wedding, and accompany you all throughout the preparation, the ceremony and the reception. We listen to your requests and ideas, and after the big day, we begin the editing process with you in mind. We craft these pieces based on your taste, your theme, your song, your beat. So please feel free to browse our portfolio at www.eljinetefilms.com/leatherandfeathers and if you like what you see, then say I do to Leather and Feathers!

See you down the aisle,

El Jinete