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Presenting: El Jinete's Rock 'n' Roll Kitchen!

Fellow traveling foodies, good morning!

Nowadays we all seem to abide by the exciting and delicious motto of: Will Travel For Food !

Now, though we may not be taking trips with a specific delicacy or restaurant in mind (not YET at least, here's to developing a our food column so that we can get sent on official assignements!), always when we travel we seek out the best local food experiences. It's not always evident to land in the most authentic little spot, but if you do at least a little bit of research, ask locals, and are willing to travel (by foot or transport) a bit farther for that good bite, then it can all be SO worth it!

Recently we took a four day trip to Rome, Italy. Now, we did the research and by all means, we TRIED to find that cute little authentic pizza spot behind the Vatican. (For all those curious: Bonci Pizzarium). We circled the ENTIRE Vatican City thinking, oh yes, we will find it... Well, we had a 3:15 museum reservation and let me tell you, we did NOT find it, and our hungry bellies ended up eating an ordinary slice near by the entrance so that we would not miss our entrance time.

That being said, Italian pizza still remains an epitimous food experience, whether it's named "the best" in Rome or not. Plus, we also had on our agendas: SHOOT A FILM! (What was presented to you all some weeks ago). Touristing, shooting a film, eating all the pizza, pasta and gelatos you can find... it's sometimes hard to coordinate and make every single experience PERFECT. But don't get us wrong, Rome is Rome and it was quite the amazing experience. 

And NOW. With all those food memories still lingering on our minds, we decided to inaugurate the Kitchen section of El Jinete Films with PIZZA! And even more, cooked on a outdoor pizza oven that Biliana built in the back of Villa Jinete (our abode in the Bywater, New Orleans).

So, without further ado, here is our amusing first segment. We hope you enjoy! Watch below, and for FULL RECIPE, click HERE!!!