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Golden Tracks Project Update!

Hello Golden Trackers! 

Thank you so much for joining our journey and contributing to our campaign! We have until October 30 to raise our final goal, and we ask current Golden Trackers and supporters to please continue to share the project with their networks so that we may reach as many people as possible!

On opposite ends of the world (that are actually quite close!) we have made some exciting new progress! In Tokyo, Marina will be meeting with members of the Chikumeisha Shakuhachi Guild: masters, students and protégés of Goro Yamaguchi - the original performer of the Japanese track 'Tsuro No Sugomori' on the Golden Record and the leader of this guild up until his death in 1999. Today, the musicians of the guild preserve and continue to master the style of shakuhachi of Yamaguchi. The Head of the European branch of the guild, Shakuhachi master and teacher Gunnar Jinmei Linder has played a vital role in connecting us to Mizuno-sensei of the guild.

Back on the US continent, Biliana and our co-producer Cameron have made considerable progress on a mission that has lead them from Louisiana to California. They are currently en route to the SETI Institute, where Biliana will speak with senior astronomer Seth Shostak, as we investigate the details of Voyager's journey through interstellar space. On their way back through Arizona, they will film with Tony Redhouse, a member of the Navajo Nation, a drummer and spiritual healer, who will demonstrate his music therapy with individuals suffering from drug addiction and substance abuse. Tony will also be rerecording his version of the Navajo Night Chant. 

And finally, through our connections to the University of Chicago - which we both attended - we have made a very special point of contact with an original participating member of the selection committee for the Golden Record: Mr. Chou Wen-chung was responsible for selecting the Chinese track "Flowing Waters", an enchanting, ancient piece played on the 7-string guqin instrument, and we shall be meeting with him soon...

All our best, 

Biliana and Marina

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